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Self Make and Share Yoga HTML5 Flipbook with the World

I used to be a sports writer for periodical office. Three years ago, I quit my job and began to focus on yoga. I have spent three years to investigate yoga. Now, I really want to share all my experience to all of my friends even to the world. But I feel so difficult to make and publish one book without the designing team like before. Luckily, I encounter AnyFlip, the called interactive HTML5 flipbook maker to ensure you make and publish flipbook with ease. Below are the details of why I choose this software and how I make one flipbook.



Why must it be AnyFlip?


1.Overwhelming simplicity

As for me, there is no other software can be as easy as AnyFlip. Why do I say so? It is not required any designing skills and technology. What I need to master is MS office. It’s so simple, right?


2.Attractive interface and effective editor

There are tons of pre-designed materials for everyone including you, which save much time and money for an editor.


3.Widely spread

I really worry about that my book of yoga experience cannot view by many people. But with this software, without any troubles, I can share my yoga HTML5 flipbook to all of my friends and readers.


How to make one HTML5 flipbook by yourself?


1.Material collection and importing


Firstly, I need to collect all the materials about yoga and my experiences with MS word and then save it as PDF file. Secondly, what I need to do just import the PDF file into AnyFlip. It will be converted into flipbook in minutes. Now, I can begin to decorate my flipbook.


2.Choose one scene and add rich multimedia


For my monotonous yoga flipbook, I decide to pick up one dynamic scene for it and give it a beautiful cover. In fact, there is much other pre-designed material like templates, themes, backgrounds. If needed, just click to apply to your flipbook. Following is to add multimedia into the flipbook. I have added some videos about my practicing yoga, with which I want to share with my readers. In addition, yoga and soft music is a match made in heaven. So I add one piece of music into my flipbook as background music. As for me, video and music have already put on the finishing touches of my yoga flipbook. There are still many multimedia available to be added to the book, such as flash, slide show, hotspot, buttons and more.


3.Self-publish my flipbook and widely share


One of the reasons why I am fond of AnyFlip is its powerful output function. I can publish my flipbook to local with the formats of HTML5, ZIP, APP and more. Then I would like to send it via email to all of my friends. They can open my yoga flipbook and share to social network if they like it. Or they can directly download the original PDF file.


With the help of AnyFlip, now I really can design and publish yoga flipbook by my own. Without any help from others, I can make it through. Surprisingly, I find out it also allow to create and publish HTML5 flipbook online on its official website.





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