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Easy PDF Page Crop


Easy PDF Page Crop

Practical page tailor to crop and resize PDF page!

  • Standalone utility program requires no Adobe Acrobat.
  • Visual crop marks editor(Crop Box Editor).
  • Crop and remove redundant blank margin on page with customized rule.
  • Divide one page into multiple pages and resize PDF pages.
  • Packed with multiple convenient features that impress you.
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    For Windows 98

    or above

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    PDF is a popular document format and it is widely used in business, education and so on. However the page proportion of PDF document may not always satisfy you, for example, image you have to turn page in size of 5in * 7in. into size of 8.5in * 11in, obviously that would be too much blank margin left, which is really unaesthetic. Now Easy PDF Page Crop provides you best solution to this problem, and you will be impressed by its practical features.


    1. Powerful functions

    Powerful functions for Easy PDF Page Crop

    Easy PDF Page Crop works as a tailor of PDF page, is packed with multiple powerful functions. With visual crop marks editor(Crop Box Editor) integrated, you can either add crop box to separate page into multiple pages, or fit the crop box to page content to crop and remove redundant white margin so as to get PDF page in proper proportion. Also you can easily apply different crop rules to different pages, or apply the same rule to all page or specific page range.

    Easy PDF Page Crop can also resize PDF pages in normal sizes(A4, B4, Letter, etc.) so as to be readable on small mobile devices like Sony Reader
    PRS500/PRS505, iRex Iliad, Sony Librie, LBook eReader, Cybook Gen3, Jinke etc.

    2. Convenient

    Convenience for Easy PDF Page Crop

    Easy PDF Page Crop is integrated with varied convenient features, for example, it supports add PDF file directly by drag and drop, and its visual crop box enables you to edit crop rule intuitively. Moreover software supports batch process volumes of PDF files at the same time, also it can work with command line to crop PDF page automatically.


    3. Easy to use and greater efficiency

    Easy to use and greater efficiency


    Easy PDF Page Crop is extremely easy-to-use, it provides a function of visual crop box editor, enabling you to edit crop rule by draw crop box manually and preview output effect in real time. Easy PDF Page Crop also is characterized by its great efficiency, it can process even thousands of pages with minimum consumption of time.

    4. Affordable

    Affordable for Easy PDF Page Crop


    To bring our customers greater satisfaction in both function and price, although our product is both powerful and efficient, it is cheap compared with other companies' products. And it requires no any other programs, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro which costs hundreds of dollars.

    5. Free trial and upgrade

    Free trial and upgrade


    Not sure whether our product works for you, you can download a trial version for free before you buy.

    As our products will upgrade continuously for perfection, your version might go behind the time. You can download the latest version of our product when it upgrades, and your license code is valid forever.

    6. 30 days money back guarantee

    money back guarantee for Easy PDF Page Crop


    To protect your equity, we promise our customer an unconditional full payment back guarantee. If our product do not satisfy you completely, you can send your refund request to our support center within 30 days since your order took effect. And we will dispose of your request as soon as we can.



    We have provides many strong features in Easy PDF Page Crop . With those powerful functions you can crop PDF pages to receive PDF file with pages in proper proportion.


    1. Visual crop marks editor

    With this function, user can draw manually box to cover the page area wanted, then software will remove the blank margin outside the box with retaining the content inside box. And software supports export & import crop rule for re-usage.

    2. Auto-add crop box

  • Auto-add Bleed Box as crop mark.
  • Auto-add Trim Box as crop mark.
  • Auto-add Art Box as crop mark.

  • 3. Command line


    PPCCMD.exe <Source PDF> <Destination PDF> <Lines>


     <Source PDF>      Source PDF file.

     <Output PDF>      Specifies the name for the output file.

     <Rectangles>      Specifies the rectangles to crop;

                       The <Rectangles> can be like this:

                       -R<pages>=(Crop Rectangles)


    <Rectangles> Parameter:

      <pages>: * : means all pages

                   1-10,20,23 : means from page 1 to page 10,20

                   and 23 page and so on...

      (Crop Rectangles):should looks like:

                   ([1,0.5,5.3,10],[1,5.5,-0.2,-0.1]) which

                   means pages will be cropped based on:

                   two rectangles: (left: 1 Inch, top: 0.5 Inch,

                   width: 5.3 Inch, height: 10 Inch)

                   and (left: 1 Inch, top: 5.5 Inch, right: 0.2 Inch

                   to the right edge of the PDF page, bottom:0.1

                   Inch to the bottom edge of the PDF page)


    Example:"-R*=([1.5,1.5,5,5])": meams all page in the source

            file will be cropt by a rectangle (left:1.5 Inch, top:1.5

            Inch, width:5 Inch, height:5 Inch)

    Return code:

    0: Success

    2: Input PDF not found 

    3: The parameters are invalid.

    4: Load PDF error

    5: Password error

    6: Nonsupport security

    7: Failed to save the ouput file


    PPCPCMD "C:\in.pdf" "C:\out.pdf" "-R*=([0.47,0.47,7.42,9.34])"

    PPCPCMD "C:\in.pdf" "C:\out.pdf" "-R1-4,7=([0.47,0.47,-0.48,-0.48])"

    PPCPCMD "C:\in.pdf" "C:\out.pdf" "-R*=([0.47,0.47,7.42,9.34])"


    PPCPCMD "C:\in.pdf" "C:\out.pdf" "-R*=([0.47,0.47,7.42,9.34])"