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Easy PDF to FlipBook


Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro

Transform PDF to page turn flash book with multimedia!

  • Insert links to the pages of the 3D page flip book.
  • Embed video, flash, audio, image or even YouTube video.
  • Add printable area for readers to print out as coupon.
  • Add buttons to call new actions.
  • Select language from the 10 plus international languages.
  • Different template options to choose.
  • Customize flip book with various configurable options.
  • Output flip book in flexible formats: *.html, *.exe, *.zip, *.app or CD.
  • Make mobile version to view on iPad, iPhone, Android devices via web browser.
  • Allow to batch convert quantities of PDFs to multiple or a single flip book.
  • Support command line mode to trigger conversion by encoding.
  • Share the flip book via e-mail and social networks to increase visitations.
  • Google Analytics Integration to collect statistics of flipbook visit.
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For Windows 98

or above

Flash Player 9.0 or above

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  • How It Works

Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro is an amazing 3D page flip program. This flip book making software will help you convert PDF to page turn animation book. What's more, this flip book maker provides a powerful function—"Edit Pages", which allows you to add links and multimedia to the flip book.


1. Insert internal and external links

page links, web links, e-mail links
In order to improve user experience, Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro allows you to insert internal and external links to the page turn book.
  • Page link: Add page links between the flipping pages or within the table of contents to help readers view the page they want;
  • Website link: Insert website links to go to related sites to help readers get more information;
  • E-mail link: Add e-mail link to help readers contact you for help or further information with convenience.
  • video, flash, audio, images, YouTube video

    2. Embed multimedia to enhance performance

    It is said that an image can tell a thousand words. But have you ever imagined what differences multimedia could have on your interactive flip book? Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro can give you the best answer. This software will enable you to embed not only images but also video, flash, audio or even YouTube video to the page turn book. You can express your ideas to your readers clearly via these multimedia elements which can also enhance your publication's performance and attract more readers.

    3. Add printable area as coupon

    printable discount coupons


    Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro can help you draw more visitors to your appealing flip book in another way—enabling you to add printable area that your visitors can print out as coupons. Your visitors would like to buy things at discount or lower costs.

    add buttons to call new actions

    4. Add buttons to call new actions


    Go to an appointed page;

    Add URL to open a link;

    Define function to call JavaScript function;

    Open flash window to play a video, show a SWF or show some text;

    Select audio file (MP3) to play audio;

    Add images to play photo slideshow.

    5. Publish highly customizable flip book

    custom tools for Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro


    You can choose style from the pre-designed templates to fit your existing project, or you can customize your own book style with various controlling settings: add or change background image; insert background sound; brand flipbook with logo and title; choose font for flip book; select color for the font, background, tool bar or buttons; allow downloading, printing or sharing; select flash language or enable language switchable, etc.


    Easy share

    6. Share the flash flip book to get more visitation


    To increase the visits, you need to spread your flip book in as many channels as you can. This flip book making software will let you and your visitors share the flip publication with ease. You and visitors can send it to others via e-mail, or share with families, friends and colleagues via social networks such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.


    7. Output flipbook in optional forms

    publish flip book in selectable forms


  • Publish 3D page flip book in HTML format, turning it into a webpage for online reading;
  • Output flip book in EXE as a standalone file for storing;
  • Make a ZIP file to send to others with ease;
  • Create APP flip book that can work on Mac devices;
  • Make mobile version to view on iPad, iPhone, Android phones or other tablet devices;
  • Burn it to CD to play on computer.


  • statistics analyzing tool

    8. Monitor flip book via Google Analytics


    It is very necessary to know how your published flip book performs so as to make sure it won't be out of date. The integration of Google Analytics will surely help a lot. Just add your Google Analytics ID before publishing the flip book and after you upload it onto your website, you can get real-time statistics of your book. And then you will know which part performs well, which part needs to improve and update.


    9. Free trial and upgrade

    Free trial and upgrade


    Not sure whether our product works for you, you can download a trial version for free before you buy.

    As our products will upgrade continuously for perfection, your version might go behind the time. You can download the latest version of our product when it upgrades, and your license code is valid forever.


    money back guarantee for Easy PDF to FlipBook

    10. 30 days money back guarantee


    To protect your equity, we promise our customer an unconditional full payment back guarantee. If our product do not satisfy you completely, you can send your refund request to our support center within 30 days since your order took effect, and we will reply you soon.


    1. Simple steps to output flip book

    First step: Import PDF file (all pages or custom range pages) and select style from built-in templates.

    Second step: Edit pages with links, new buttons and multimedia.

    Third step: Customize flash flip book with optional settings such as background image, sound, logo, color, font, etc.

    Fourth step: Select output form to convert PDF to page turn animation book.

    2. Insert links

    Insert page links, web links and e-mail links to help readers use flip book more conveniently.

    3. Embed rich multimedia

    Embed your flip book with video, flash, audio, image, album or even YouTube video, which will make your flip book more appealing.

    4. Add printable area

    Add printable area for your readers to print out as coupon for promotion sales or discount.

    5. Batch convert mode

    If you have a large quantity of PDF files to convert, choose batch convert mode to batch convert multiple PDFs to multiple or a single flip book at the same time, which can help save your time.

    6. Command line mode

    If you are familiar with programming, you can use command line mode to finish the conversion without opening Windows desktop application.

    7. Add watermark

    Before importing PDF, you can characterize your flip book with watermark (text/image watermark, dynamic date/time watermark).

    8. Reserve original file content

    This flip book making software will convert PDF to page turn flash book, but in the meanwhile, it will retain full editorial content of your original files, including links and bookmark.

    9. Import bookmark and links

    When you import PDF files, you can also enable to import bookmark and links of original PDF files.

    10. Add and edit table of contents

    If your PDF does not contain table of contents, you can add and define one for the virtual flip book manually.

    11. Create thumbnail index

    When you import the PDF files, this flip book maker will automatically create a thumbnail list for the flip book.

    12. Enable search

    Check this function enable to search the imported text content within the flip publication.

    13. Detect wide pages

    Enable detect wide pages to split landscape pages into two portrait pages.

    14. Multiple international languages

    You can choose language from the followings: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. Or choose two or more to make language switchable. Besides, you load and edit more languages.

    15. Templates of different style

    Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro offers various templates for you to match your book style.


    16. Powerful controlling settings

    Easy PDF to FlipBook Pro allows you to customize unique page turn animation book with various configurable settings.

    The full options are as below:

    17. Optional output formats

    This page flip software enables you to publish flash page turn book in selectable forms: HTML, EXE, ZIP, Mac App or mobile version that can run on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Android devices. Besides, you can burn it to CD to play on computer.

    18. Smart zoom function

    The zoom function of this software enables you to view the flip book more clearly. Click on zoom button or double-click on the flip book, you and readers will get better view for any details.

    19. Permission settings

    You can set permission to prevent your flip book from downloading, printing or sharing. Besides, you can add password to set access authorization.

    20. Social share

    After you output the flipbook, you can send the link to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Google, Reddit and so on.

    21. Features of the output flip book

    1) Click links to go to appointed page, website or e-mail interface;

    2) Play video, flash, audio or pop-up photo slideshow;

    3) Print out the printable area as coupon;

    4) Turn the page by clicking page shadow, dragging the corners, sliding mouse wheel, typing page number, using keyboard arrows or page control buttons;

    5) Open flip book in hard cover just like that of a printed book;

    6) View the flash book with zoom function;

    7) Read the flip publication with music on;

    8) Search content with thumbnail and table of contents;

    9) Use auto play mode to flip the flip book automatically;

    10) View the flip book on iPad, iPhone and Android devices;

    11) Print out the whole book or custom range pages.