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Can I add page number to output file with Easy PDF Merger?

Q:Hey, I downloaded the Easy PDF Merger and I want to know how to add page number to output file with Easy PDF Merger. Please help.


A: With Easy PDF Merger, for one side users enable to merge several PDF file, images or text file to a large PDF file; for the other side, users enable to set a password to keep the file safe. However, it won't damage the file at all. What's more, in order to recognize the page your merge from different files, adding page number to output file can help you a lot. Anyway, not only can add page number on the merged page but also users can adjust the position and font and size of the page number on the merged page. Now, just follow our steps to add the page number to output file smoothly.


Step1: Run Easy PDF Merger and then add the files you are going to merge to Easy PDF Merger;

Step2: Click "Tools" and select "Options" from the pull-down list;

Step3: Come to Options window and then click "Page Number" box to begin;

Step4: Select the check box for "Add Page number to output file";

Step5: Start to select the start and end page number and move the page number to a proper position and then select a nice font even enter the proper size of page number on the page.






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