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Can I change language of users interface with Easy PDF to FlipBook?

Q:Hello, the fault language of the software is English. And now I want to change the English into French so that I can share my French friends. Just tell me how to do.


A:Easy PDF to FlipBook support so many different languages. On one hand, the language can be switched to many different languages such as English, Arabic and French and so on; on the other hand, it provides a quite convenient way to share the PDF to flipbook with the friends from all over the world. Anyway, changing the language of the PDF to flipbook is quite easy. Just with several steps to make it work. Now, just follow our steps to switch the users interface language easily and smoothly.

Step1: Run Easy PDF to FlipBook and then import the PDF to the program;

Step2: Then move to “Design Setting” and then look out the language column on the button list;

Step3: Select a language from the selection box and then click “OK” then click “Apply Change” to refresh the PDF to flash book;

Step4: If you want to switch two language just select “yes” from the box of “Switchable”.





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