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How can I set watermark on the merged file with Easy PDF Merger?

Q:Hi, I would like to merge some documents for meeting. And I need to put logo and make it as background in the file. How can I make it?


A: As we know that a watermark plays a very important role in business activities today. As a matter of fact, it is an effective way to show your company information to others with setting watermark on the paper or documents. Now, Easy PDF Merger allows users to set watermark on the merged file and support to make the watermark as background as well. It makes set watermark easy and simple with several steps. Now, just follow our steps to set the watermark with Easy PDF Merger smoothly.


Step1: start to run Easy PDF Merger and then import several files;

Step2: And then click the button “Tools” and select “Watermark” column;

Step3: Come to “Watermark” window and then select the checkbox for “use watermark”;

Step4: And then choose the watermark with PDF format to merged file;

Step5: if you prefer to make the watermark as background please select the checkbox for “As background”.






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