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How to change big icon color of Neat templates with Easy PDF to flipbook?

Q:Hi, neat is my favorite template in Easy PDF to FlipBook. As you can see that there is a big icon as well, and now I want to find a way to change the color of big icon. What should I do?


A:There are four regular templates on the Easy PDF to FlipBook. Now, with the latest version Easy PDF to FlipBook 3.8.2, you will find out there are many kinds online templates as well. Then only neat template has the big icon. The big icon not only a decoration of flash flip book but also is a simple way to turn page with clicking the big icon. Anyway, if the color of big icon doesn’t match to the background file, it will look so strange and wired. Now, just follow our steps to make the big icon color change easily.

Step1: Run Easy PDF to FlipBook and then add the PDF file to the program;

Step2: Open “Design Setting” window, select Neat Template and then come to “Button Icons” and find out “Big Icon Color”;

Step3: Select a color from the color box and then click “Apply Change” to save the change and refresh the book;

Step4: Then you will see the color of big icon you pick show on the flash flipbook.






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