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How to split the PDF file quickly with Easy PDF Split?

Q:Hi, I need to split my PDF file to several small one. I downloaded Easy PDF Split then I just want to know how to get start to use Easy PDF Split.


A:Easy PDF Split is a helpful PDF Editor which can split a large PDF file to several small files based on the different pages. If you are always dealing with PDF file, then you may understand how troublesome that you have to find out some information on the hundred pages. If you can split the PDF based on the pages, don’t you think it can help you a lot to reduce the workload? Well, Easy PDF Split can meet your needs exactly. It is quite easy to use and useful to split the PDF to several small one. Now, just follow our steps to get start using Easy PDF Split.


Step1: Run Easy PDF Split and browse the PDF file you are going to split;

Step2: Select split page, all page to split or just split a few page of the PDF file;



Step3: Then come to select split method. There are five methods to choose. Of course you can select the incoherent pages or remove some pages here;

Step4: It is time to output the split file. Users can enter the name pattern and select the path of output folder. Then click “Split” to start split the PDF file with Easy PDF Split.






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