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What does icon “add screen shot” of Easy PDF Merger use to do?

Q:Hey, I am trying to merge the PDF files with Easy PDF Merger. Everything is so far so good. But I do wonder what the icon “add screen shot” use to do?


A: Adding screen shot function is a brand-new feature of Easy PDF Merger. For one thing, it provides a convenient way for users to make a screenshot without other tools; for the other things, it can be merged in the one file together with other PDF files which are ready to merge in one. For example, you can add a screenshot of a paragraph about the tips or notice on a word file. Adding screen shot function of Easy PDF Merger can do well in merge the PDF files in one. Now, just show you how to make it work effectively.


Step1: Run Easy PDF Merger and then import the PDF files on to Easy PDF Merger;

Step2: click the icon of “adding screen shot” and then drag a box to get screenshot that you need;

Step3: After getting a screenshot, it will be added automatically on the bottom of the files;

Step4: Move the screen shot to the order you need and then start to merge.








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