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Where to change the bar color of Easy PDF to FlipBook?

Q:Hello, I feel terrible about the bar color after I change a bright color background. It is not comfortable and perfect at all. Is there a way to change the bar color of easy PDF to flipbook.


A:After changing the background file, do you find out the bar color is not so good-looking? Then as we know that a perfect PDF to flipbook consist beautiful background and suitable bar color. In this case, we can see that the bar color plays an important role in decorating the PDF to flash flipbook. No matter what color you want to change, we do believe you can pick up the proper one from the color box.

Step1: Run Easy PDF to FlipBook and then import the PDF file to continue editing;

Step2: Go to “Design Setting” window and then find out “Bar Color” under the column of “Backgrond Config”;

Step3: Pick up a color from the color option box and then click “Apply Change” to view the result after changing the bar color;

Step4: If you do want to change another color just follow the steps and pick up a new color again.





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