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Where to find the full screen buttons of Easy PDF to FlipBook?

Q:Hey, when I want to view the flash flipbook with full screen but I can’t find the button. What’s wrong with it? Just tell me what should i do.


A:Easy PDF to FlipBook allows users to convert PDF file to FlipBook. What’s more, it allows users to view the PDF file as page flipbook with full screen. As we know that, with full screen button we can view more information of the file at the same time without turning page and page. Anyway, view the flash book with flipbook, on one hand we can view the ordinary book as flash flipbook format; on the other hand, the flash flipbook can be viewed as full screen in order to catch the information or get the point easily. Now just follow our steps to make it work.

Step1: Import the PDF file and make the full screen button show first;

Step2: Move to “Design setting” window and then find out “Full Screen Button” under Buttons Bar then click “Show” from the box;



Step3: Then click “Apply Change” to save the change and then convert the flash flipbook and upload it online;

Step4: And then click “Full Screen” button then you can view the PDF file with full screen effect. Please do remember that the full screen just can work after uploading online.






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